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Trinidadian Immigration officials Search of illegal Jamaicans

According to a report from The Star  many Jamaicans currently residing in Trinidad face the real threat of being forcibly removed from the country.

Sources in Trinidad informed the popular newspaper that immigration officials, along with the police, are on a hunt for the illegal Jamaicans and other foreigners to deport them. The hunt will extend to even those whose work permits have expired, or have been working there without the relevant documents.

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As the tension continues to heat up between both countries, officials in Trinidad have intensified their efforts to send a strong message that foreigners with bogus credentials and trickery will be denied entry.

It is reported that the officials in T&T are very strict on their entry requirements and are pulling out all stops to maintain their laws against illegal foreigners.

Trinidad’s National Security Minister Gary Griffith said in a report on the Trinidad Guardian website,, “We cannot continue to have a situation where people are coming into the country and robbing the state of millions by not paying taxes,” he said.


“The immigration officers will continue to do their duty and those who do not meet the necessary requirements will be sent back … It’s as clear as that,” Griffith was also quoted as saying on the website.

Meanwhile, Jamaicans have been calling for a boycott of T&T goods over what they call the poor treatment by the Trinidadians.

T&T has maintained that the 13 Jamaicans were justifiably denied entry because they did not meet immigration requirements


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